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Andrä Graphite Technology - Our Products

Moulds and Mould Tools for Glass Blowers

  • Half-moulds for rolling in with rolling device
  • Half-moulds with adjustable base
  • Half-moulds for rolling in with rotating machine and lifting device
  • Form rollers or slabs for the rotating machine
  • Folding moulds for vertical blowing in
  • Double moulds for shooting device (horizontal)
  • Round rods and hexagon carbons as reamer
  • Slabs for moulding or as a base
  • Crucible for melting
  • Press moulds
  • Sinter moulds
  • Electric Heater
  • Carrier and insulation for furnaces

Turned and milled parts

  • Turned parts from minute up to a diameter of 600 x 2,000 mm
  • CNC milling (4 axle method)
  • CNC milling

Graphite materials

We are familiar with all graphite materials:
  • Foil, hard and soft felt
  • Carbon Fibre Composite (CFC
  • Isostatic and extrusion pressed block and round rod material (of coarse to extra fine granularity and purities in the ppm area)
We would be glad to advise you in selecting the best possible type.

Areas of use

  • Moulding and form rolling for glass and quartz glass technology
  • Dies and crucibles for metallurgy
  • Boats, targets, carriers and matrices for semi-conductor technology
  • Heaters and furnace construction parts for fibre production
  • Insulation made of graphite felt for furnace construction and glass and silicon melts
  • Highly solid construction parts made of carbon fibre composites
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